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The Amazonian Indians believes that Vegetable Ivory, or Tagua Nut, nut brings prosperity, happiness, love and abundance. Mayans, Incas, Aztecs, and natives of South and Central America used Tagua for emotional and spiritual health and well-being. To them, Tagua is sacred.

What we bring to you is beautiful, glowing, healthy, healed skin!


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Product specifications

Nanocellulose-based Tagua Seed Extract


Extracted from seeds in the tropical forests of Equador ¹

pH Level

pH 5.5, ensuring compatibility with the skin’s natural acidity.

Nanoparticle Characteristics

Functionalized nanoparticles for versatile interaction with various substances.


Transparent color.

Agglutination and Molecular Release System

Utilizes its agglutinating power for a controlled release system of molecules.


Viscous consistency with in-situ gelification (transforms from liquid to gel upon skin contact).

Protective and Hydrating Properties

Forms a protective and moisturizing layer on the skin.


Proven non-toxic through rigorous testing ²

Skin Regeneration

Facilitates skin regeneration through the formation of tissue development matrices.


Seamless integration with other cosmetic products, enhancing their effectiveness.

Research references to the product:
(1) Carvajal-Barriga, E. J.; Putaux, J.-L.; Martín-Ramos, P.; Simbaña, J.; Portero-Barahona, P.; Martín-Gil, J. Opportunities for Ivory Nut Residue Valorization as a Source of Nanocellulose Colloidal Suspensions. Gels 2022, 9 (1), 32.
(2) Carvajal-Barriga, E. J.; Fitzgerald, W.; Dimitriadis, E. K.; Margolis, L.; Fields, R. D. Sulfated Endospermic Nanocellulose Crystals Prevent the Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 and HIV-1. Sci. Rep. 2023, 13 (1), 6959.

“This discovery is going to change the way your skin looks, feels, and heals, forever” – Javier

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