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PanoMatrix Water-Based Healing Serum from the Rain Forest

PanoMatrix manufactures its proprietary product lines from a water-based extract of the Ivory Nut – a nut that grows in the wild in the rain forests of Ecuador and is harvested sustainably. 

Our Solutions

Not Oily/Greasy

Water-based skin moisturizer that dries quickly to form a moisture barrier with no residue or odor.


Safe for your skin, protects it against viruses and microbes that compete for the health and beauty of your skin.


Anti-Aging formulations that soothe skin conditions and promote cell growth and regeneration.


Vegan, renewable and cruelty-free products

From the Ivory Nut

The Ivory Nut – also known as Tagua, Corozo, or Palm Ivory – is used sustainably around the world as a substitute for ivory to make jewelry and buttons. The nut is egg-sized, hard and dense, and is white inside its brown skin. After helping save elephants with this ‘vegetable ivory, the carving leaves behind tons of shavings that are usually discarded or burned. At PanoMatrix we take this left-over ‘saw dust’ and perform a water-based extraction and hydrolysis and then carefully purify the activated polysaccharides (long sugar chain crystals of cellulose and mannan) and formulate them to make amazing skincare products.

What We Provide

Benefits of Our Products


Unique natural material that locks in moisture without ever being oily or greasy.

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Beauty Serum

Promotes healthy soft skin all over with anti-wrinkle, smoothing and soft glow.

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Healing Serum

Soothes and improves a wide variety of skin conditions on face, hands and body.

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Green and Clean

Natural ingredients with no alcohols, oils, silicones frganrances or dyes.

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Can add Vitamin C, E, hyaluronic acid, and more for exclusive formulations.

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Product Lines

One platform ivory nut extract for serums, toners, eye cream, face cream, moisturizers, masks, lip care, and more.

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We Are a Custom Formulator

We work with you (our partners) to develop specific formulations of our Ivory Nut Extract to meet your brand objectives for unique luxury skincare products that truly deliver beauty and healing.

Why Choose PanoMatrix

Innovation – The New “It” Active In Skincare


 Our ingredients are activated crystals – see real rainbows through polarized light filters.


More than just cosmetic – supports skin wellness and improved skin properties.


Can be used to stabilize bio-active peptides and bio-mimetics for skin use.


There is nothing like our Ivory Nut Beauty and Healing formulations.

How We Work

Our Partner Process


Send Samples

Business Plan


Our Projects

Our Projects

Private Label

Your brand, our amazing product formulations – unique for your customers.

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Spas & Retail

We can work with you to bottle and label luxury skincare products.

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Clinical Use

We have evidence supporting future medical skin condition applications. 

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Happy Customers

What Our Customers Say

“I have been loving the serum and have had excellent results. I have extremely sensitive, acne-prone skin that is hard to hydrate. I haven’t experienced any breakouts – which is a result I don’t get from any lotion or oil I have tried.”



“The spray works like Botox for me to remove wrinkles around my eyes and forehead. I haven’t gotten injections since I started applying the amazing PanoMatrix product.”



“I used to wake up in the middle of the night with itching, burning skin – but with PanoMatrix the itching and burning went away and I slept through the night.”



Why Choose Us?

The Only Source of This Special New Product


Our Expertise

Our scientists and beauty experts will work with you to develop that special product or entire product line that will allow you to expand your brand with an exciting new ingredient that really works – for your customers, your brand, and your bottom line.


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The PanoMatrix Story

Our Inventor 

Our Inventor and Chief Technical Officer is Dr. Javier Carvajal, a prestigious researcher from Quito, Ecuador who now calls Columbus, Ohio home.

Dr. Carvajal led the invention of the process of extracting, modifying and purifying the long-chain anionic polysaccharide crystals of cellulose and mannan from ivory nut flour. The Ivory Nut grows in his home country of Ecuador, where the palm trees grow wild and the nuts are sustainably collected by locals. Now we have this amazing product with patents granted and pending and our mission is to work with the very best partners to develop custom formulations for luxury skincare products that truly work – for the brand and for their end-users who want beauty and health.

We look forward to exploring partnership opportunities with you in the skin beauty and wellness space.